Application For
Modern Workshops 

Autowork Online is a web-based application for managing the business activities associated with a modern workshop environment. Its comprehensive array of features controls all aspects of daily activity from the creation of quotations through to the printing of job cards and the production of invoices and service and MoT reminders.

Autowork Online runs within a browser window, and so requires no installation or maintenance. All information is stored on secure servers and backed up on a daily basis. It has the ability to integrate with the Autocat+ electronic parts catalogue and can be configured to order parts directly from your preferred supplier.

Key features

Works from a web browser
Comprehensive service records
Price and availability lookup
Carside tablet app integration
No installation required
Online parts ordering
Integrated parts catalogue
Workshop diary system
Registration number lookup
Repair times & technical data

What does Autowork Online offer?

Databases and information

Autowork Online allows you to create detailed, cross-referenced databases for all customer, vehicle, supplier and technician information. The databases store instantly accessible, automatically updated work histories for each customer or vehicle. An exhaustive parts database provides information for use in quotations and invoices. The Autocat+ electronic parts catalogue provides access to millions of manufacturers’ part numbers, so you can quickly identify and order the right parts for every job. Read more about Autowork Online's database functions on our dedicated microsite.

Workshop management

Manage all of your workshop resources efficiently and easily with the comprehensive functionality of Autowork Online. The system uses database information to create professional quotations, which can be progressed to detailed job cards, with parts either allocated from stock or ordered from suppliers. Repair time and service schedule data is used to ensure sufficient labour time and resources are allocated for each task. Booked jobs are scheduled into the workshop diary, while a separate MOT diary manages bookings for up to four MOT bays. The Work in Progress screen allows the jobs relevant to your job role to be easily viewed and updated, streamlining your garage's workflow. Visit our dedicated microsite for more information of Autowork Online's workshop management facilities.

Parts management

You’ll discover that stock control has never been simpler with Autowork Online. Parts required for any job can be searched in the extensive Autocat+ parts catalogue and ordered at the click of a button. You can view complete order histories and outstanding orders for any part. A history of stock usage by month provides a summary of parts used over the past year. Autowork Online will even generate suggested orders, based on current stock levels and workload. Printed stock sheets can be produced for stocktaking, with the option for manual adjustment. More information on Autowork Online's parts management features can be found on our dedicated microsite.


Simplify and integrate all your accounts processes using the accounting facilities of Autowork Online, which are specifically designed for the workshop environment. The system manages purchase and sales ledgers and VAT accounts. By integrating the accounting facilities with sales functions, all purchases and sales are automatically recorded in the relevant ledgers. You can generate a host of reports or customer statements, manage supplier payments and create linked accounts for fleet invoicing. If you are interested in finding out more about Autowork Online's accounting features, please visit our dedicated microsite.

Customer communications and reporting

Autowork Online enables you to manage your customer relationships professionally and efficiently, with email and SMS text messaging for service or MOT reminders, invoices or promotions. All correspondence is automatically logged for future reference. The system also generates detailed reports to help you manage and monitor your business, as well as quick-reference charts and graphs to help you analyse performance in key areas. It is also possible to defer a customer's work, this is logged, and a SMS or email reminder can be sent out at a later date, reducing lost sales and encouraging repeat business. For more information on Autowork Online's reporting features, please visit our dedicated microsite.