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Delivery and Logistics

Driversboard is an intuitive module that routes and schedules orders to improve customer service while minimising operating costs. 

What is driversboard?

Driversboard is a vehicle load planning and delivery despatch module that integrates with Autopart and Merchant. It will help despatch managers optimise deliveries to achieve an efficient balance between customer requirements and operational dynamics.

It enables orders to be manually or automatically allocated to the correct route to ensure that deliveries are made on time and service level agreements (SLAs) are met. Driversboard’s intuitive interface features a simple loading grid with user-defined colour-coding that enables operators to assess the current schedule at a glance.

Key Features

Define delivery routes
Assign vehicle drivers
Electronic signature capture
Allocate routes to customers
Print despatch notes
Record return to base
Allocate orders to routes
Create service level agreements
Create service level agreements
Configure departure times
Request proof of delivery

Driversboard Analytics

Review your delivery performance with Phocas business intelligence.