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General Distribution

Careful control of stock movements, order management, profit margins and sales processes are essential for any distribution businesses. As well as managing complex pricing models and large-scale customer orders, you need to manage all the reporting, scheduling, accounting and administration tasks that are common to any distribution business.

To help you manage these every-day tasks, keep track of all stock, maintain optimum inventory levels, implement complex pricing rules and manage online sales.


Intelligent, intuitive software to optimise business performance

These solutions include powerful business-management software that coordinates, organises and integrates everything from pricing and stock management to accounting and database maintenance. It gives your counter staff access to all the information they need to quickly provide accurate quotes and deliver exceptional customer service.

Advanced e-commerce systems enable you to sell your full range of products to trade or retail customers, 24 hours a day, with secure payment and invoicing mechanisms built in.

You can also access feature-rich business intelligence software to help you monitor, analyse and track key performance data via a user-friendly dashboard, fully integrated with your business-management software.