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Business Intelligence

In today’s congested aftermarket, Phocas can guide your business to increased profitability and improved efficiency. It can pinpoint exactly where your business is, and show you how your products and customers performed along the way. By detecting gaps in buying patterns or isolating sales that are affecting margins, Phocas can help you avoid profit blackspots and steer your business to success.

Get the information you want, in the format you want, when you want it

Phocas is a powerful business intelligence module that helps decision makers achieve an accurate assessment of their company’s performance. It delivers reliable, up-to-date information needed by managers to respond to challenging conditions and make informed decisions.

Combining an intuitive user interface with powerful calculation routines and rich visualisations, Phocas simplifies the analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and helps managers develop a deeper understanding of their business.

Phocas collates information from throughout the organisation, providing a valuable insight into the factors that most influence performance. Sales, customer, supplier and staff data can all be collected, monitored and assessed from a single interface, making analysis much simpler and less time-consuming.

Customised views, graphs and charts communicate data graphically, making it easier to identify trends and highlight opportunities for improvement. At a glance, managers can instantly detect gaps in buying patterns or isolate sales that are affecting margins.

Key features

Full integration with Autopart v30
Available in both Standard and Enterprise editions
Modern user interface with rich data visualization
Dynamic data filtering with pivot, drill-down and roll-up
Target and budget analysis
User-defined functions and formulas
Trend, variance and gap analysis
Export data to various formats

Phocas benefits for Autopart users

Phocas for management

  • dive from high level business summary to company-wide detail in seconds
  • compare sales, inventory and purchasing figures (by customer, products, rep, branch, stock/direct) across time periods in minutes
  • access from any device, anywhere
  • deploy in cloud or on premise
  • quick install and modifications
  • export to Excel and share in a few clicks
  • get decision makers to delve deep into your data to uncover answers and opportunities

Phocas for sales

  • identify products that are selling and those that aren’t
  • link-sell and sales opportunities
  • targeted promotions
  • potential customers for new products
  • new customers for your best margin-earning products
  • where sales are slipping
  • monitored targets for volume, value, margin, sales rep, branch, customer and product
  • credit and returns analysis

Phocas for inventory and purchasing

  • stock turns
  • slow-moving stock
  • inventory investment at-hand
  • lower inventory values
  • inventory value and quantity on-hand across all warehouses
  • product groups and SKUs for on-hand, on-order and in-transit stock
  • open / historical / future / outstanding orders

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