Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity

Dear Customer,

As the government’s public health measures continue I wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to maintain support to our customers. Our helpdesk has been restructured so that all our operatives are now working from home and are available to offer support and training during these challenging times. You can contact us in the usual way by calling 01 6260155 or emailing

Although disruption to business is never welcome this may be an opportunity to take a look at the current functionality of your system to see if there are any improvements that can be made to your business processes. Detailed below are some areas that may help you prepare for the new trading challenges ahead

  • Stocktake – Manual stocktakes can be generated from the Stocktake module. Handheld scanners and tablets can also be incorporated
  • Price file maintenance – Delete obsolete parts, tidy up alternatives, import supplier price files
  • Min/Max recalculation – calculate min and max levels based on previous sales history including trends and seasonality
  • Product reclassification – Assign class codes to products based on cost and volume sales bands. Class code can be used to assist in the sales and purchasing process
  • Set up automatic ordering - Create a schedule of daily orders that the system will generate automatically and transmit to suppliers
  • Stock cleanse – Calculate returns for slow moving parts and overstocks from the suggested returns module
  • Point of sale promotions – Apply different prompted promotion types at point of sale. These Include BOGOF, 3 for 2, But 1 get second cheaper, Spend €X get part for free etc
  • Pricing Matrix – Create different pricing formulae depending on group/supplier/class and price band.
  • Psychological Pricing – Create pricing rounding rules to apply at point of sale to add € value or round to next € or cc.
  • Customer loyalty scheme – Allocate points to customers based on spend. Set up dated point promotions, Issue statements, Issue rewards
  • Customer ranking/sales bands – Automatically calculate customer rank by monthly spend. Visible in point of sale
  • Customer returns rate – Calculate customer returns rate by specific reason code. % shown in point of sale
  • Product returns rate – Calculate the returns rate of a product by specific reason code. % shown in point of sale
  • Auto GRN matching – Receive invoices electronically from suppliers, automatically match to GRN’s and post directly to the ledger.
  • Ledger functions - Edit invoices and credits during open ledger period, transfer documents to new account. Create import files for invoices, credits and payments.

Please contact support for further information on these or any other topics.

Yours Sincerely

Mick Forrest

Customer Support 

Successful business management requires more than just functional software, and at RNH we pride ourselves on being a total solutions provider. Consultancy, implementation service, technical support and tailored training are integral parts of the RNH offering, and can make the difference between the success and failure of a project.

Comprehensive support packages ensure RNH customers derive the maximum value from their systems. Our Dublin based support office offers unlimited telephone and remote support from our own trained personnel.

As a platform for our software, we offer a range of PC and server hardware from Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Europe’s largest IT manufacturer. RNH Solutions is committed to delivering its solution on Fujisu Siemens Hardware, and is confident in its ability to perform under the demands of today’s businesses.

To ensure our installations operate effectively we offer complete network administration including a competitive cabling service, Virus protection, VPN installation, remote modification and administration.

Alternatively RNH can provide Application Support only if you prefer to source and support your own hardware, network and security infrastructure.

To log a support issue please contact us:

(01) 626 0155
By email:

One of our staff will be available to assist you.