Origin WebTrade
B2B e-commerce solution 

Origin WebTrade is a B2B e-commerce solution that integrates directly with Autopart for seamless online trading.

WebTrade is a web-based parts catalogue and shopping basket application for business-to-business (B2B) trade sales. Leveraging the latest Internet technologies, it enables you to receive orders directly into your Autopart business management solution. It is designed to streamline the sales process by empowering your customers to identify and order their own parts.

Through WebTrade, your customers can check stock, order parts and view their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using a standard web browser, they can raise orders from any location that has Internet access, be it from work or from the convenience of their own home.

Who is it for?

Automotive parts distributors and wholesalers

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Increased revenue via 24-hour online trade sales
  • Improved order processing efficiency
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Simplified invoice and payment processing

A demonstration Origin WebTrade website is accessible via the button below. Please use the username 'demo' and the password 'demo' to access.

Key features

Sell components online
Receive orders directly in Autopart
Previous order look up
Fully rebrandable
VRM vehicle identification
Downloadable documentation
Autocat v8 catalogue data feed
Google Analytics Integration
Autopart-driven pricing
Retail and account orders
Analytics dashboard
Alternative parts prompts
Online payment options
Live stock checking
Admin messages
Admin messages

What does Origin WebTrade offer?


The homepage of your trade portal is fully customisable to feature any text you require, as well as more complicated HTML to allow image placement and tables which could feature anything from opening times to latest offers. This ensures that your trade portal is unique to your business and allows you to enhance customer service through customer communication on a large scale.

Purchase orders

Allowing your customers to place orders through your portal couldn’t be easier. They have the option to search for required parts by manually entering vehicle details, or they can simply type in the registration plate of a vehicle and let the VRM lookup do the rest. Customers can add as many products as they wish to an order before clicking ‘Checkout’ to finalise. Once the order is complete, users can access the order via the ‘My Orders’ tab if they wish to repeat the order at a later date.


By using the easy to navigate tabs on the menu featured at the top of your portal, your trade customers can gain access to a variety of features that can enhance the customer experience. By clicking ‘My Invoices’, users can view a full list of their previous and current invoices ordered by date (latest to oldest). From this screen, users can also drill down to view the full details of individual invoices and reprint as required. This includes information on product codes and descriptions, price before and including VAT and total expenditure per invoice.


Similar to ‘My Invoices’, the ‘My Payments’ tab allows your customers to view a complete and thorough list of their past payments, arranged in a clearly presented table in chronological order. This screen also allows users to view their Credit Limit, Available Credit, Total Balance as well as balances in past periods. Each listed payment is listed with their reference number so that your customers can make simple enquiries should they wish to.

Previous orders

The ‘My Orders’ tab not only allows customers to view a complete list of previous orders, it also allows them to reload a new basket with repeat orders. This makes the order process more efficient for customers wishing to restock the same number of products on an ongoing basis. This screen also allows users to drill down into each previous order to view its full details, including products per order, total price and any included discounts

Personal account

The ‘My Account’ tab gives your customer the opportunity to sign up to your optional newsletters, which can be utilised to keep in contact, promote your latest products and promotions, and send details of any competitions. This gives you an economical way to enhance customer service and generate revenue through the use of direct, efficient marketing.

Downloadable documentation

You can allow your customers to download any document you wish, whether this is product or company information, legal documentation or promotional material. This allows you to reduce the amount you spend on printing and postage for customer-facing documents, and gives your customers a simple way of gathering information about your business.

Efficient communication

You can enhance your customer service by allowing your customers to communicate with you via your trade portal by clicking the ‘Feedback’ tab. By allowing users to a number of contact options, you can communicate either electronically or by phone.

Data export

WebTrade integrates directly with your Autopart business management solution and shares the same pricing and stock databases. This ensures that trade customers receive their individual prices and that real-time stock levels are displayed. The export routine also handles the transfer of product images and miscellaneous files such as product data sheets.

Data import

All orders placed through WebTrade are automatically and immediately transferred to Autopart for processing. Incoming orders can be configured to appear in point-of-sale for verification or processed automatically to produce a picking note, invoice or backorder.

Autocat v8 catalogue data feed

The Autocat catalogue date feed gives you the ability to integrate catalogue lookup functionality into your online e-commerce platform. The data feed also provides real-time access to the Autocat product images. Using web services, the Autocat catalogue data feed provides access to extensive information including vehicle manufacturers and models, engine sizes, start and end years and product groups. Origin WebTrade now supports advanced Autocat v8 data, which offers enhanced part to vehicle matching.

VRM data feed

The VRM data feed gives you the ability to integrate vehicle registration lookup functionality into your online e-commerce platform. Using web services, the VRM data feed provides access to a wide range of fields including manufacturer, model, sub model, year and engine size.

Analytics dashboard

A built-in sales dashboard allows a wealth of sales data to be viewed at a glance. Daily and weekly sales values can be viewed, as can those from previous months. The dashboard makes it easy to recognise your most valuable customers.

Admin messages

Admin users are able to create messages that can show for all users, or be targeted at individual accounts. The messages can also be set to expire after a certain time, making them ideal for promotions and special offers.

Static page editor

The static page editor allows the quick and easy creation of pages to be added to your WebTrade site. No previous knowledge of web design is required. Site navigation menus can also be created and managed.

File manager

The file manager allows you to upload files such as brochures and price lists. These can be made visible to all users, or restricted to certain accounts. The file manager also includes a version control feature, allowing new versions of an existing file to be uploaded, while still preserving the original.

Google Analytics

Integration Integration with Google’s Analytics package allows you to view detailed data on your site’s performance, including traffic, viewer demographics, and behaviour. This data can be used to help boost your site’s performance.